February Mortgage rate update

Hello everyone! It’s been hectic month in the mortgage world, and we are seeing mortgage rates starting to worsen.
Mortgage rates for home loans have been steadily climbing so far this year and the Feds project up to 4 rate increases in 2022. Other reports state mortgage rates for home loans will be hovering around 4% through 2022.
I don’t think this will affect the housing market right away because inventory is still very low. There just are not enough homes for sale so demand remains very high.
Spring is right around the corner though, and we should start seeing an influx of listing and sales activities.

Home values continue to hold or increase. For questions about home values or questions about selling your home or buying a home, please check out Danny at https://giometti-realty.business.site/

Please let me know if you or anyone you know, has questions about a home loan. I can be reached anytime at 714-470-5133

Hope that you have a wonderful month.